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Admin 19-Aug-2021 true_story

Broken Promises

By Mary Odiong

I am a wife, a cook, a cleaner and basically anything my husband wants me to be. My life is really simple, right? All I've to do is do as I'm told and there will be no problem. Easy right?

Now hear the other part of my story 🤧

I've been married for three years now. Yea! Its been three whole years since I got married and I wish I could say happily.

The first year was absolute bliss, I remember when my husband and I could sit down and talk just about anything and everything or just be content with being in each other's arms. However, the past two years have been a whole different game altogether.

The first of those two years was the absolute worst, he'd beat the shit out of me for simply being around the house when he had guests as if he'd let me leave the house. Even though I suggested that he should let me out of the house when he had guests, he said I was looking for an excuse to spend his money.

I was confused about my husband's sudden change in behaviour. He likes to bring different women into our home every single day. I was forced to listen to them making love and hearing the agonizing sounds of their moan. Knowing deep down in my heart that, that was us just a few days ago in that same position killed me.

I wasn't even allowed to say anything or be angry about my husband's infidelity, because I would receive beatings when I do. If I cry out loud it will also end his political career and pressure from the media is what I don't think I can handle.

All I ever did was love him 😩. 

 Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts your very soul for just thinking about them hating or not wanting you? No? Well, it's excruciating.

It's an absurd thing to say, right? That is my life and I wish for my worst enemy to never experience what I'm going through. 

When the beating started, I didn't know how to feel let alone confront him about it.  How could I though? He said he would throw me out of the house and I didn't want to give him reasons to fulfill his promise.

 I was told to endure,  that marriage has its ups and downs and again,  I promised before God and His people to be together 'for better and for worst' .🤦‍♀️

I guess you would say I'm a coward but I couldn't let him throw me out.

Plus, I was very determined to build my home and keep my mouth shut after losing my first pregnancy; but the beatings never stopped until the third miscarriage that almost ended my life which was the final blow to any hope of ever fixing what we had.

These days I simply make meals and eat in silence.   I now live as a stranger with the man I once loved  💔

 And it is heartbreaking how I've to hide what is really going on in my life: Pain, depression, bruises, nightmares, emptiness to name a few. 

But the one thing I'm feeling guilty about right now is deception., self-deception. Having to wear the biggest smile I can muster to converse with friends and close relatives.

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