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... And Promise Wept

Admin 06-May-2021 true_story

... And Promise Wept

By Mary Odiong

Growing up was not easy. We were feeding from hand to mouth. In a way, we lived at the mercy of some charity organizations and people of goodwill.

Life later became easier for us when our father was given an appointment in the state government. I and my sister Promise were sent to one of the popular boarding schools in town and my parents relocated to the state capital for easier access to our father's office. We were given the proverbial silver spoon which we were not lucky to be born with.

We did exceedingly well in academics and our parents we proud of us. They had only two of us and were planning to adopt a male child.

After we graduated from secondary school, we had admission to study in a university in Canada. Getting visas was not a big deal because our father was connected and influential. 

Things were going well and life, all rosy. We were given the highest level of preference by our parents and friends.

While in the university, Promise kept bad company and of course, they influenced her negatively. Gathering strengths from the experiences around her, she started drinking and smoking.

During one of the summer holidays, which we had to spend in Nigeria, things turned upside down. 

Promise' boyfriend had a police case and needed over 900, 000 to settle. He was a drug addict. He ran to Promise knowing how rich our father is. 

Promise at that time had little or no money in her dollar account from the savings she made while in Canada. 

Her fees were recently paid in full and she could not afford to ask dad for such an amount of money. 

She was stranded. Her friends deserted her.

She was advised to stage a kidnap to raise money for her friend and other of her needs. This she accepted and, with the help of her friends, they staged the kidnap.

A virtual bank account was sent to our father who paid the ransom of two million Naira into the account.

She was fooled!

Her friends got the money, shared it and gave her nothing. She wept, got angry with them but could not do anything since it was illegal.

She broke up with the boyfriend and later decided to blackmail him. 

"Your boyfriend is a drug addict and has nothing to lose even if you blackmail him", I advised her but it seems her mind was made up. 

Two weeks after the whole planned kidnap saga, Prince (My sister's boyfriend) posted his pre-wedding photos with another girl. It was heartbreaking. 

I became her only consolator! Mom was not aware. 

I had to make up a story so we could return to Canada even when the vacation was not over. It was not easy but we succeeded.

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